I am planning to add a 6.5 ZfD server and soon after replace currently used
ZfD3.2sp3. All workstations currently have client 4.90 sp2.

Can I just add new Zenworks 6.5 server and configure it for workstations
import/removal without altering workstations?

Page 71 of dminstall.pdf documentation - Zenworks Desktop Management
Installation guide states:

"Update each workstation that you want to import with the latest Novell
Client or Desktop Management Agent.
This is required to place Workstation Manager on the workstations."

Documentation was created on June 17 2005, long after client 4.91 was
released, however Novell dropped workstation manager from client 4.91.

I am confused. Since client 4.91 does not have wks manager while 4.90 does
Do I need to upgrade client? Do I need Management Agent at all?