We recently upgraded from ZFD 3.2 to ZFD 6.5 SP1b. The question I have
is how to pull custom desktop icons, WITHOUT using App Launcher.

We did use extensible policies and pointed the desktop to a folder on the
server (f:\policies\teacher\desktop\winxp) along with the Programs (start
> programs). We give the user read and file scan rights, and then they

can not control there desktop in anyway.

The problem is now, we can not use the ZFDAgent "workstation manager" and
still get the correct icons. From what I have read, the ZFDAgent (ZFD
6.5) will only read from the Win2k / Win XP policies. The old
workstation mananger (With the 4.90sp2 client for Zen3.2) looks only at
the NT/2k/XP policy. Since there is no way to use extensible policies
with the ZFDAgent Workstation Manager, is it possible to still pull icons
to the desktop in this manner?