I have applied the sp to my Zen servers and have been rolling out the agent
to the desktops and have run into a major issue- the agent .msi is breaking
the Windows Installer Service on WinXPsp2 machines. After installing the
patch on several machines and rebooting, the Zenworks for Desktops logo
appears after logging in, the App Launcher shows up in the System Tray for a
few seconds and disappears and all of the normal NAL delivered goodies do
not show up. Afterwards, if I try to Add/Remove ANY program I get a message
"The Windows Installer Service is unavailable or cannot be started". Any one
see this issue or have any ideas? I have had to re-image dozens of computers
because everything I have tried, including reinstalling SP2 and repairing
the Windows Installer Service per Microsoft Tech Bulletins has not worked.
Richard G.