Hi all.

I am using ZFD6.5 with a Netware 6.5 SP2 All patches machine, and my issue
is in the setting of roaming profile in ZFD.
My users are actually using a Windows Server 2003 as Terminal Services
server. On this machine, I am running Client 4.9SP2 with NWGINA.DLL dated

I have to enable another Server 2003 machine with the same settings, but I
have almost 70 user profiles stored on the first machine.
To do this, I have enabled the Roaming Profile option on ZFD, pointing to
\\server\vol1\profiles folder, and I have copied all the user profiles to
this folder, and defined the user rights to each folder.

But I have some problems with this settings:
1) After reboot, the computer cannot download the roaming profile
2) After some minutes, a user can log in successful, downloading the profile
correctly, but a second user can't do the same. Windows return a "roaming
profile cannot be found" (or some like this) error and cannot download the
3) When this first user logs off, the roaming profile isn't updated

Someone knows how can I solve this?