ZFD 6.5 SP1 on Netware 6.5 SP3. Everything patched up to date. Since
upgrading from ZFD 4.01, we've been troubleshooting a slow login issue
on XP workstations. We've isolated it down to User policy packages that
have XP Group Policies defined. I've tried creating a new User policy
package and associating it just with the Admin user. I configured DLU
and login went lickety-split. I configured the Remote Management policy
and it still was fast. I then enabled a completely new set of GPO
settings, only selected 3 or 4 settings related to Start Menu settings.
With that enabled, the admin user login went from 1 or 2 seconds to
about 30-40 seconds. Search policy is set to Object Container and is
associated with all containers that hold users, groups and workstations.

This delay occurs before login script processing takes place. The .adm
files for the GPOs are located on the same server that does AWSI,
Inventory and other Zen functions. Thought I might try moving them to
another server, but don't see why that would make a difference.

Anyone have any ideas?


Mark Hepinstall, MCNE