Last year:
Upgraded server to NetWare 6.5, sp2.
Upgraded ZEN from 3.x to 4.0.1
Made minor changes in Windows Group Policies in workstation policy
package, NT-2000-XP area. (did not disable MMC - learned that one early on)
The schoolyear went well, and the admin made minor updates as the year

Fast-forward to this summer:
Updated NetWare to SP3.
Upgraded Zen to 6.5, sp1b
Updated ConsoleOne snapins on admin workstation
Now my customer is telling me that when he goes into the same policy
package to edit the WGP, the edit button is grayed out.
If he creates an XP-only group policy and points to the same directory
as the existing policy, the edit button grays out.
He really doesn't want to have to re-create the policy. I believe this
is a snapin issue, but can't figure out how to solve it.