I have a GPO (security settings for the registry) that I am applying via a
user policy. It shows in the workstation scheduler as though it should be
working correctly, yet the permissions have not been set as they should. I
read something in the documentation for Zen that GPO's aren't pulled down
unless the revision number changes and the GPO is just used from the Cache
on the local machine. This may be the problem as I modified the settings
after I originally created the GPO item in the policy. Both times I used the
security templates mmc and then imported the settings into the policy. My

1. If I import newer security settings over the old ones, does it bump the
revision number? (Documentation says: Each time the Edit Policies button is
clicked, the revision of a Windows Group policy changes, causing the
policies to be reprocessed.)

2. If importing doesn't cause the revision to be incremented and the policy
recached on the machine, how can I increment the policy revision manually?

3. Where does it tell me (anywhere?) the revision number for the GPO?

Am I on the right track here, or am I off base and should be trying
something else. It seems that if this is the solution, it could be the
solution for a number of other problems I have had trying to apply Group
policies on machines (file permissions with same problem...)

Thanks for your help.

Brian W.