Being that I am a newbie to doing Zenworks functions (as if you couldn't
tell from all my other posts) I have a question regarding Windows GPO's. I
have figured out how to use the windows security templates mmc to edit the
security permissions for files and folders and for registry keys and how to
import those into a user policy (that's spelled out well in the
documentation for Zen), but I can't figure out how to modify and how to
import other aspects of the GPO that security templates doesn't do anything
with, for example, all the settings that I should be able to set for stuff
like Internet Explorer, media player etc.

I have also seen mentioned in the documentation about importing Active
Directory GPO folders, we don't currently use AD and don't have plans to,
just so you have all the information, our setup is as follows:

Zen 6.5
Novell 6.5 (servers using NDS)
Windows XP (SP1) workstations

I have searched and searched for a good tutorial on how to do this. I have
been unable to find one. The documentation for Zen isn't very helpful to me
in this respect. Can someone give me some information on how to do this.

Your help is certainly appreciated.


Brian W.