hey guys

question regarding group policies after workstation logged on as
workstation user first then novell.

we have laptops with wireless certificates so we need them to logon as
the workstation user logon before the novell login.

So we have initial novell login set to off.

but unfortunately with that workstation manager will not pull down any
user policies only workstation ones...

the only way to get it working is to login as the novell user then go
to admin tools - services and then restart the workstation manager
service and then the user policies start to apply.

now i set in the novell client configuration for workstation manager to
login events which does the following

These events allow the ZENworks Policy Scheduler to launch policies
scheduled for these event types. If you have disabled the Initial
Novell Login or users login to eDirectory from the red N menu, enable
this setting so that login events are forwarded to Workstation Manager.

which is what i'm doing but not working exactly what i want to do.

any ideas on this area???