Over the summer, we decided to change the group that our student users DLU
as from "Administrator" to "User" to help curb some of the damage being
done to the software installed (and prevent games from being loaded, etc).
We also use Roaming Profiles+Folder Redirection so they can keep some of
their personal settings. Since the change, we get an error saying that
their roaming profile cannot be loaded, and the very descriptive "DETAIL -
Incorrect Function" is displayed. After that error is displayed (and in
some cases, displayed twice), it returns them to the login screen. The
account is still held in the local SAM database, and a copy of their
profile (incomplete) can be found in %systemroot%\Documents and Settings\.
I've taken Userenv logs (0x0030002) for a couple days now and can't see
where the error is comming from (there's a lot of stuff in that file!)
Will post if necessary. anyone else run into this? not finding much luck
on google.

urgent help is needed, since my students can't log in. thanks in advance.