I have been having many problems for the past few weeks with user
profiles getting replaced. Say the Computer is Compuer1 and User is
User1. The original profile is User1 they log in and DLU creates a new
profile called User1.Computer1. Then sometimes replaces that one with
User1.Computer1.000. Now I can go into the registry and put it back but
it has been happening at least 1 or 2 users per day for the past few
weeks. I know it's DLU because it doesn't happen to users that are not
part of the policy that creates DLU users. Today I even had a problem
where admin account was creating itself as a Power User. I check 3 times
and I was in the profile that creates an admin user. My account was not
in the power user profile. I finally removed my name then put it back
and that fixed it.

Any known issues that I should know about. ZEN 6.5 SP1 and 6.5 SP1
Agent. Client32 4.91 fully patched. Now I noticed that this was
happening periodically but maybe once a month before. In the past two
weeks, I have pushed out the latest AV package, latest MS Patches and
upgated the ZEN Agent to 6.5 SP1 on all machines. I don't thinks it's
the AV because this is happening to users with the older AV package.
Everyone did get the MS patches for August and that could be he problem
but which could it be. I did have problem with the Windows 2K SP4 Rollup
and Citrix but this is also happening with XP so it can't be that one.

Any suggestions?


John Jakus