I ran into a problem, and wonder if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is
by design (or if we just need the latest patch).

I have a number of programs that we use that require the users to have
elevated rights to folders (file permissions). To do grant these, I used the
security templates mmc and created a separate template for each of the
applications. I then created a user policy package for each application and
modified the Group Policy Object setting for windows XP, by importing the
security template (each to their own location on the server). I then assign
the user policy package to the group that will get this application. What I
found is that if the user has only one of these policy packages assigned to
them, that they work flawlessly. If they have more than one policy package
(and thus security template), then only one gets applied. If I change which
package/template is assigned, then the rights change accordingly. So here is
my question. Are security templates setup so that I can only apply one
security template per machine, or is there something I can do so that I can
administer file rights for each application separately through separate user
policy packages. I was originally under the (mistaken I guess) impression
that they templates would be applied over the top of one another and that I
could apply permissions that way.

BTW, we are running Zen 6.5 (not sp1b... yet, just sp1) and Windows XP.

Any explanation or answers would be appreciated.

Brian W.