I have ZfD6.5 installed on a NW6.5sp3 server. It is configured for WS
Import, Inventory, Imaging NAL Apps. Mod-Tier is configured and appears to
be working. NW Client-less XP machines are configured with ZDMAgent, pointed
to Mid-Tier server. Machines register, import, are assigned WS Policies.
Clearly some communication is taking place. Policies are not applied and
inventory does not run. If I open wmsched on the machine, nothing is listed.
The last files in the NALcache are from the login before installing ZDMA. I
have one identical machine that also has Client 4.90sp2 on it with the ZDMA
with the same results. Anything specific I should look for?

Erick Larson
Perkins Library
Duke University