Excuse me if this is being posted in the wrong newsgroup but unsure of
exact location it should go.

Here is the scenario....

I have a series of GRAD students some of who have a personal workstation
in their office and also some of who access a system in a Lab. I have a
group with all of the GRAD students.

The GRAD student personal workstations are imported into my tree as
GRAD1, GRAD2, etc.

The lab systems are imported into my tree as PHD1, PHD2, etc.

I have created a GRAD Student User Policy and associated it with the
gradstudents user's group. In the Policy I have defined a DLU policy for
Windows XP stations. The policy is set to use eDir credentials and as
volatile user and member of Power Users.

On the Login Restrictions tab of the DLU I have checked Enable Login
Restrictions and Restrict Unregistered Workstations. In the Excluded
workstations list I have added the GRAD1, GRAD2, etc. wokrstations. In
the Included workstations list I have addeded the PHD1, PHD2, etc.

I am attempting to have the DLU used only when they login in the lab.
What is happening is that when they attempt to login in their individual
office on GRAD1, GRAD2, etc. it blanks the Windows username and attempt
to create an account on the station rather than using the existing
account that is already there.

I have also defined a Group Policy in the GRAD Student User Policy that
restricts access to Control Panels, etc. In one instance I have noticed
the policy in effect on one of the GRAD1, GRAD2 stations.

What I am trying to accomplish seems simple enough. I want them to be
able toi use DLU in the lab but when they login to their individual
station for their normal Windows account to be active.

Any advice or assistanc eis greatly appreciated. I am running NetWare
6.5, SP3 and Zen 6.5 SP1b.