This past summer we upgrades ZEN3.2sp3 from a Netware 5.1sp7 to ZEN6.51b on
a new NW6.5sp3 server. Our DLU is set to use Netware credentials and is not

We currenlty are seeing sporadic issues now when a user logs in, the
workstation is asking for a Windows login. This is despite using Netware
credentials. We have unistalled the ZEN agent and have reinstalled the ZEN
agent as well as updating the Novell Client to 4.91sp1. This has worked for
some workstation and not for others. Or if the uninstall and reinstall
works, it works only for sporadic time. We cannot seem to put our finger on
what the cause is.

Our setup:
NW6.5sp3 server
eDir 8.7.3
ZEN 6.5sp1b
Win2000 workstations
ZEN Agent - 6.5 1b
Novell Client 4.91sp1

Thanks in advance for any replies.