I'm deploying the Zenworks Desktop management agent in a branch office
(using Novell's Nterprise Branch Office). The problem that i'm having is
that the workstation registration agent is not able to import the
wortkstation into the tree.

NBo has its own tree, and the documentation says that in order to get
zenworks policies from the Central Office user should login to the Central
Office tree (were zenwork's policies are). I'm login users to the CO tree
using the TREE command in the login Script.

When the workstation import agent runs it says "Could not locate the target
Container". In the Novell client Prefered Server is pointing to the CO
server, and preferred Tree points to the CO Tree.

The registry keys HKLM/Software/Novell/Workstation
Manager/Identification/TREE points to the right tree, but running the
zwsreg.exe manually with LogLevel 2, shows that zwsreg is trying to import
the workstation using the branch office tree and the branch office user
(and context)....

Is there a way to force the zwsreg to use the CO tree name and Users
context??? Also zenwsimport is resolving to the CO server.... :-(... The
Workstation import policy is trying to create the workstation object in the
user context... (and of course as zwsreg is using the branch office context
and TREE the import fails)... is there a registry key taht i can set in
order to point the zwsreg to the right context???

Thanks in advance