I do not see much documentation, and have done troubleshooting I/A/W what I have found.

What I have found: inconclusive newsgroup posts and Novell documentation on ZENworks 3-4, 6, 6.5.

I feel I have resolved this to some extent. This means it appears to be working, but have not found documentation to acknowledge that it should.
Essentially: instead of registering _typefull_ DN (.CN=<wsnme>.OU=xxxx..OU=xx.O=xx), register typeless DN (<wsname>.xxxx.xx.xx").
When initially developing this solution, the type-full DN worked, the type-less DN did not.

Novell TID: 10068910
Using ZWSREG - TID10068910 (last modified 07MAY2005)
ZENworks Documentation (3-4, 6.5)

None of the newsgroup posts offered a resolution. (Most times someone wants to see your log files...)
I seem to remember the Novell reps saying, "...there is lots of Open Source stuff out there..."

New Microsoft WindowsXP workstations deployed from Ghosted image. (Reference system worked fine).
WindowsXP Service Pack 2 installed.
Firewall enabled, exceptions added, Admin Mode turned on. (SAV, Groupwise,Zenworks)
Novell Client 4.90.2SP2, ACU 5.6
ZENworks DMAgent 6.5 SP1
The following Registry Keys created:
HKLM\software\Novell\ZENworks\zenwsreg:ImportPolic y:SoS Server Package:General:Workstation Import.Policies.xxxx.xx.xx
HKLM\software\Novell\ZENworks\zenwsreg:ImportServe r:zenwsimport.xxxx.xxxx
HKLM\software\Novell\ZENworks\zenwsreg:ImportWs:.C N=<wsname>.OU=PCs.OU=xxxx.OU=xx.O=xx
HKLM\software\Novell\ZENworks\zenwsreg:LogLevel:0x 00000000(0) - Changed to 2 for troubleshooting on problem system(s).

I am not the tree admin, I administer a second level OU.
Users are in SoS.xxxx.xx.xx and in TSLA.xxxx.xx.xx, workstations are in PCs.xxxx.xx.xx.
The registry entries nor ZENworks agents have been implemeted 100% within my OU as of yet (Implementation stage).

Server Policy Package "SoS Server Package" implemented at third level OU, no users/workstations above third level.
Workstation Import Policy enabled.
"Containers" tab: PCs.xxxx.xx.xx specified.
"General" tab: "Allow importing of workstations" checked.
"Create workstation Objects in: 'Selected Container'
Path: 'PCs.xxxx.xx.xx'"
"Limits" tab: User Login number: 1
Limit number of workstations imported: 20
"NDS Rights" tab: Trustees of this Object: <itself>, xxxx.xx.xx

The "SoS Server Package:General:Workstation Import" is a trustee with Read, Create, Modify on PCs.xxxx.xx.xx

The policy and registry keys were implemented in order to have Workstationsregister to an OU other than the one the user is assigned to.
This setup is working well with already established entries, or eDirectory entries that are deleted and recreated.

Running "zwsreg" at the command prompt registers the workstation again, in the desired target OU (PCs.xxxx.xx.xx).
But on the new systems, it does not. I get a number of error messages:
Running "zwsreg" the first time at the prompt results in "An error occurred while attempting to apply the naming rules".
Running "zwsreg -importws .CN=<wsname>.OU=PCs.OU=xxxx.OU=xx.O=xx"results in "ZENwsreg returned error code: 2".

C:\>zwsreg -importws .CN=IE1219WK69805.OU=PCs.OU=xxxx.OU=xx.O=xx
Zenwsreg returned the following error code: 2

ZENWSIMPORT is valid, can be pinged and nslookup resolves correctly.
C:\>nslookup ZENWSIMPORT
Name: ZENWSIMPORT.xxxx.xxxx

There have been no other issues with these workstations, these are the first six new systems, each have the same "image" installed.
Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office and CLA are the only applications installed.

But there is a glimmer here. In continuing to troubleshoot, I have come up with this:
I did two things:
1. I associated the policy to each container: PCs, SoS, TSLA - not sure what this might have changed.
2. I changed the HKLM\Software\Novell\ZENworks\zenwsreg:ImportWS to typeless DN - <wsname>.PCs.xxxx.xx.xx.
This works without error sometimes, sometimes I still get "...error code: 2." However, the ws is being registered; they show up in eDirectory.
This may be a bug that is become a "feature"?
Also, this "oddity" came at me this morning:
I attempted, successfully, to re-create the problem on my own workstation.
I changed the HKLM\Software\Novell\ZENworks\zenwsreg:ImportWS: to be "<wsname>.PCs.xxxx.xx.xx"
I ran zenwsreg -unreg at the command prompt.
I deleted the object from eDirectory and then rebooted the workstation.
I ran "zwsreg.bat <wsname>" at the command prompt.

Batch file line:
zwsreg -importws %1.PCs.Nash.IE.tn -importserver ZENWSIMPORT -importpolicy SoS Server Package:General:Workstation Import.Policies.xxxx.xx.xx

This error was returned: "Could not authenticate as policy: SoS"
This should be expected, TID 10068910 specifies that quotes be used due to the spaces in the policy name.
I then enclosed the policy name in quotes and this error was returned: "Zenwsreg returned the following error code: 2"
I then deleted the registry keys, rebooted, and ran '-unreg, and then "zwsreg" by itself (this would hit the "tree" import policy).
The workstation was successfully imported into the same container as the user (SoS).
I then -unreg'd, deleted the object in ConsoleOne, and re-created the registry keys, in type-less DN format (<wsname>.PCs.xxxx.xx.xx).
After rebooting, I ran "zwsreg" at the command prompt and got this message: Successfully imported workstation <wsname>.PCs.xxxx.xx.xx
I have modified the registry keys on the first six systems and successfully imported them according to the SoS defined server policy package.
I was able to do this remotely, with mixed messages, (sometimes "success", sometimes ..."error code: 2"), but the workstations imported, in either case.

Bottom line: "...error code: 2" may or may not be an error; determine whether the system shows up in eDirectory, it may take a few minutes.

Elias Yoder, Jr., MCSE, A+
Information Systems Coordinator
Secretary of State Tennessee