I have a customer that after upgrading form Zen401 to Zen65 get "Could
not locate the target container" when trying to import workstations.

The import policies are the same as before and are configured for
importation in "User container". Its active for a couple of containers
and the result are same everywhere.
Tried to create a new policy, same prob, changed to "Selected
container" and pointed to the same container as the users is, same
The i created a sub-container under the users container and pointed to
that one via "Selected", and voila, it works. If I use "User Contaner"
+ a relative path to the sub-container it works to.
But as soon as I point to a container that existed before the upgrade
the error comes back.
Looked throu the eDir rights, and it looks correct.

I saw there were some threads here before with simular problems, but
it seem that there were no soulution.

Anyone got an idea?