Is there a way to allow a "limited user" to install new hardware? We have Windows XP SP2 and Zen 6.5sp1. I've looked in Group Policy, and the only thing I can find is "Load and Unload Device Drivers" in the security policy. When I add the 'users' group to this it still doesn't work (and I am also processing the security policy and have verified the change on the client machine). When I plug the device in, I still get a dialogue box that tells me the user needs to be a member of the administrators group, and I can then enter in a username and password that IS a member of the administrators group to install the hardware. We don't give this password to users for obvious reasons, so this is not a solution.

P.S. The device is a USB to Serial converter. (USB on the PC side....Serial on the device side)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!