I'm sure I'm doing something wrong here, but everything seems to work

NW 6.5 Middle Tier (Middle Tier is ZEN 6.5 SP1b)

Back-end is NW 6.5 and ZEN 6.5 SP1b (for AWI server)

I install ZEN 6.5 SP1b agent on a CLEAN WinXP SP2 workstation. NO other
novell software is installed.

I can login successfully to middle tier (so I know it's "working" in
that regards).

But the workstation never imports, and I don't see anything on the AWI
server (but I do for "non" middle Tier servers).

What's odd is that the ZEN logs (I enabled debuglog and all that jazz)
can "see" the workstation policies, and all that. But the ZENWSREG.LOG
shows this:

(lots of other stuff)

Then I see the xml "stuff" about the workstation
Login even -- last error = 12007
Leaving HTTPUtil::SendMessage, returning 12007
Entering HTTPUtil::SendMessage
HTTP Server = dnsname of our middle tier
Loaded novhttp.dll
About to create an HTTP connection
hSession = 16842753
Successfully impersonated the user
InternetSetOption returned 1
Connecting to server <dnsname of middle tier>, port 80
hConnect = 33619969
Finished opening request. hRequest = 3010001
About to send the following request:

XML code for workstation stuff

Finished sending request. Result = 1
Leaving HTTPUtil::SendMessage, returning 500
Entering Registrar::Import
Leaving Registrar::Registrar, returning 500
Leaving WMHelperSystemEntryEx