Hello there,

We are about to replace our installed Zen 4 mgmt agents with 6.5 mgmt agents and are running
into a problem. When you save a file from an application, the window that pops up (asking what
to call the file) is missing the icons at the left. Normally you would see Desktop, My Computer,
My Documents, etc. There is only a blank gray box. It appears we can use the Zen 7 mgmt
agent in our environment due to the Zen features we are/aren't using and it does the same thing
as the 6.5 agent.....no icons. I reinstalled the v4 agent and the icons came back. If you are
saving from Microsoft Office applications the icons are there. Very odd.

I have searched the Novell kb with no luck. Has anybody else seen this? My test machines are a
combination of XP SP1 and SP2 and they have either the Novell client 4.9 SP2 or 4.91 SP1.

Thanks for any help,

Steve Lane
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY