Hi, I need a little help. To give you a little back ground, we upgraded to
Zenworks 6.5 about 2 month ago everythings seem to go okay, but for the
last few weeks we have been getting an Idlist error on a few of our Window
XP boxes. The PC will boot normal and the novell login box will be
displayed. After a moment or so the desktop showes up behind the login
box. The user has not yet login. If you wait a moment the Idlist error
pops up. If the user logins the get the desktop where system user is
logged in and a few moments latter the Idlist error pops up. If the user
tries to open an applcation nothing happens and the user has to force down
the PC.

If anyone has seen this error or has a solution please eMail it to me.

Thanks for you help.

Matthew Rivenbark