I know middle tier works, and a "clean" pc can login with JUST the agent
(6.5 SP1b agent) just fine.

We have a whole bunch of pc's (same type of pc and same software).

They had the 4.90 SP1a Novell Client on them.

I had the help desk remove the novell client via Add/Remove programs.

Then reboot

Then install the ZFD Agent.


PC comes up and I can see the AWI on the server, so I know that Middle
Tier is working (obviously workstation doesn't import because a username
is required).

User logs into the workstation itself, then gets prompted for the Middle
Tier login.

1) This shouldn't happen because the username/password IS the same
2) Even when they enter the username/password (even distinguished) they
get this weird error message:

The system could not log you into the network.
Possible Causes might be:
Incorrect Username or password
Incorrect connection information
Expired password
Workstation is disconnected from the network.


How weird is that?

The ONLY thing I can think of is that there's some leftover code from
the Novell Client uninstall (I know for a fact it doesn't remove all the
registry keys) that's screwing up the agent, but I've no idea what to
really look for.

Any ideas?