On our workstations we're running Zen Agent 6.5 without a Netware client
in Passive Mode.

When a user's eDirectory password expires the Zen Agent pops up with a
change password dialog allowing the user to choose a new password.
However ONLY the eDirectory password is changed, resulting in
non-synchronized eDirectory & AD passwords.

We opened an incident about this issue but according to Novell support
this is "working as designed" and we should use Active Mode for changing
both passwords (didn't test this) or deploy a portal for changing
passwords. I don't follow the logic of this "working as designed", but
I'm wondering if anyone else here runs the agent in Passive Mode and how
you solved the password change/sync issue.

Hopefully your solutions can lead us to a workaround for our current
deadlock with Novell Support.

Remco Jansen, CNE
Leiden University Medical Center
The Netherlands.