So I have this scenario:

Lots of laptop users with dial-up access. ZEN 6.5 SP1b agent installed.

How does one:

a) Register a workstation when userid is required, when the ZEN agent
cannot login because the dial-up hasn't been established yet (since you
have to login to Windows, fire up the dial up, but by this point, you've
had to cancel out of the ZEN agent login)

b) Enforce/do inventory? Unfortunately the inventory feature doesn't
have a "run missed task" feature like all other products we've seen. So
I cannot have it run at system startup, or run at login (it won't be
able to upload the XML file because the agent isn't logged in because
the dial-up hasn't been established yet). And, since I have no idea
WHEN the connection might be established, I cannot specify a date/time.

Any workarounds on this, short of NOT using ZEN and using some other
competitor's product?