Running zfd65sp1 on netware 65sp3. Workstation imports, exports, and
inventory are working fine. Zen policies also work fine. The workstations
are created using the format WorkstationName-User. An example would be
D1GT6481-SJONES. When SJONES leaves and JSMITH takes over his pc, I'd like
to rename the workstation object to D1GT6481-JSMITH. The couple of times
that I went into console1 and did just that, the workstation lost contact
with the workstation object. Renameing the object bact to it's original
name brought the object and the workstation back together. I've tried to
rename workstation objects with the pc on and off with the same results.
Does anyone have any idea why this is doing this or what I'm doing wrong?
Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.