I posted this in ZFD4 but there doesn't seem to be much activitiy going on
there. I apoligize, but am seeking clarification.

My environment ZFD 4.01 ir6
We used to use the Windows NT-2000-XP User Group Policies as a catch all for
our Windows 2000, XPsp1 and XPsp2 policies. Since applying ir6, I've
noticed it does not let me use this option anymore. Could someone clarify
my questions.

Does this mean..

I must use a Windows 2000 machine to configure the Windows 2000 policies and
save those group policies files in a different network location? Likewise,
should I use a WinXP sp1 machine, configure and save those group policies
files to a separate folder than W2K files? And then use a WinXP sp2 machine
and repeat the above? It seems that when I use a WinXP sp2 machine to
configure the policies, my XPsp1 machines don't read the policies.