Hi All,

Having a frustrating issue where user are intermittently not getting there
IE favorites. The IE favorites are defined in a Group Policy. Through a lot
of testing I have found that the GPT.ini file that is in the users
GroupPolicy folder when it fails does not have half the info that the
GPT.ini file that is in the GroupPolicy.Usercache folder. I have copied the
GPT.ini file from the Usercache folder into the GroupPolicy folder and ran a
gpupdate /Force and the favorites appear.

I am not sure if this is a corrupted GPT.ini or if it is coming from
somewhere else. The user are created via DLU and are set to be volatile,
although somtimes I still see profile folders lingering around. I do have
the UPHClean service running.

I also noticed a NTUser.pol file under the All Users profile, is this

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, we are running WinXP SP1, NWClient 4.91, ZFDAgent from 6.5.1.