I'm having the same problem as outlined in this article although I am
running ZDM 6.5 and not 4:

This problem only started occuring after I installed the new zen agent
which cam with zdm 6.5 sp2. The only difference is that I am not using DLU
to remove the user, instead I have configured windows group policy (my edir
and middle tier server are windows based) to delete the manditory profiles
at log off however with this agent installed the profile doesn't get
properly deleted and it leaves behind the cookies\index.dat file in the
profile. The next time that user logs on a new profile gets created with
the 001, 002 extension. This is going to cause major problems if I roll
this out into a student environment, I really must have the profile
deleting properly or it will cause the machine to fill up with hundreds of

I previously had Zen agent installed and although this agent
didn't have the profile problem it had other issues of it's own. For
example logging off was quite slow and Application Launcher window crashed
every single time you logged off or shutdown. Interestingly this has been
fixed in the sp2 version of the agent however now I have the profile problem!!

I'm at a loss as how to fix this, I need the agent but both of them are
pretty dodgy. If I had to pick the lesser of two evils I'd go with the one
that doesn't have the profile problem, but ideally I'd rather it run

Does any one have any ideas how to fix this????? I'm desperate for a fix.

Thanks for your help.