I have a user policy -"student policy" - setup for students that is assigned
to a "students" group that uses DLU. This works great. If a member of
"students" logins in, a local XP account is created.

I have created a special user account - "mediauser" that is not a member of
"students". If I assign the student policy to "mediauser", DLU does not
work. The mediauser is prompted to enter a password. The local XP account
does not get created.

As a test, I created another group - library. I added mediauser to the
library group and assigned the student policy to the library group. If I
login as mediauser with this configuration, local XP account is then

It appears that the user policy is only working when assigned to a user
group and not to individual users. Is this normal or am I missing a
configuration step?