Hi everybody,

we have a little Problem with our NAL. We start the NAL, ForceRun
applications runs and when the GUI shoud come up the NALAGENT.EXE
gets an Dr. Watson like this:

Die Anwendung "D:\Programme\Novell\ZENworks\NalAgent.exe" hat einen
Programmfehler verursacht. Datum und Zeit des Fehlers: 01.12.2005 um
15:59:57.593 Ausnahme: c0000005 an Adresse 61777465

not everytime, but 50% of the starts end with this problem.

We use ZFD 6.5 SP2 Agent + Novell Client 4.91 SP1 on the Clients and
ZFD6.5 SP2 on the Server. The OS on the clients is Windows XP SP2 with
all important fixes.

Know everybody anything about this problem ???