NetWare 6.5sp3.
ZfD 6.5SP2 (update from 4.01)
Agents version 6.5.2 (sp2)
Client 4.91sp1

I created new Group Policies (with new directories) after the update from
ZfD 4.01 to ZfD 6.5sp2.
Now my Quick Launch is gone and I cannot edit the system tray. (the right
mouse button doesnít give me options)
It seems to me that there is a policy preventing me to edit the Taskbar and
that is hiding the Quick Launch buttons but Iím unable to find them.

I checked:
User Package \ Administrative Templates \ Start Menu & Taskbar \ Disable
changes to Taskbar and Start Menu settings
User Package \ Administrative Templates \ Desktop \ Disable adding,
dragging, dropping and closing the Taskbarís toolbars.

Without results.
Any suggestions how to get my Quick Launch back?

One other problem is that I hide the Internet Explorer icon on the Desktop
by enabling the next policy:
User Package \ Administrative Templates \ Desktop \ Hide Internet Explorer
icon on desktop.

That was working great, but now I would like to have it back so I changed
the policy to disabled. But the icon is not coming back.

Any idea?