I used ZfD 3.2 and 4 a few years back, I am now trying to install ZfD 6.5 in
a new job. I remember that I had problems importing workstations back then
until I added a DNS entry for zenwsimport. On my current install I have
added the entry into DNS and can ping it OK. I've read that I need to add a
couple of regkeys for ImportPolicy and ImportServer. When I add these
regkeys I can import worstations fine, if I add just the ImportPolicy regkey
it also works fine, which suggests the client agent knows the IP address of
the ImportServer as it resolved zenwsimport DNS entry. With neither regket
entry added my server console says no import policy found.

I think that the server policy isn't working correctly, I have deleted and
recreated it numerous times, at the moment the only policy I have enabled
within the server policy (server policy is associated to the ZEN server) is
the Workstation Import policy. Inside the Workstation import policy the
only container in the list is my WS container, in Platforms/General, allow
importing of workstations is selected, I also have selected container chosen
that point to my WS OU. I have a limit of 1 set in Limits.

My question is surely Zenworks doesn't need me to role out a regkey for all
workstations to get imported, please tell me it's a config error.

I do have another question regarding automatically importing workstations
into seperate OU's. If Joe Bloggs logs into Dept.Treename, I would like his
workstation imported into WS.Dept.Treename. If John Smith logs into
Dept2.Treename, I would like his imported into WS.Dept2.Treename.

Sorry about the confusing 1st question