I have iprint working properly so far. NW 6.5 sp3. I can install from
the /ipp web page and using iprntcmd both with no problem.

What we really miss is the old days and NT printer polciy that used to
work on ZEN 4. Now on ZEN 6.5 it does not work and we could not get iprint
to work properly.

Now that iPrint works we are trying to use the 2k or XP Workstation
iPrint policy to install printers to workstations.

The iPrint client is already install and we have the policy point to the
nipp-s.exe in a folder by itself (with the iprint.ini), We have two iprint
printers in the list and one as default.

The iPrint policy does not work. It NEVER pushes down a printer.

What else do I need to look at?