Got a problem i'm stucked with!
The past weeks we got error message 2 when we trying to import new
workstations. Fisrt I though the problem was new nic drivers in the new WS.
But found out this message cames to all WS we tring to import, even our old
test pc.

When I run zwsreg in command window, it takes a while -> Error message 2
But I can see the new ws object in correct NDS container, but can't take
remote contol, no policies runs and so on.

I've checked that I can ping our "zenwsimport" server and it works.
We don't have any Middle Tier Srv, and all Srv anw WS are in same site and
IP range.

Wounder if someone have any clue, or soluton to this.
We are running ZenDesktop 6.5 SP2 on a NW6 SP5 server.