I want to customize the MyApps.html file on our middle tier server.

I have opened it in FrontPage and changed the parameters the way I would
like them.

But the only way I can get IE to see the updated version is if I do the

1.) Extract the contents of the ZfdPlugin.cab into a new directory
2.) Overwrite the MyApps.html in there with the updated MyApps.html
3.) Rebuild the ZfdPlugin.cab

If I visit the middle tier page on a computer which has never had the
NAL ActiveX controls installed, then it will display the updated MyApps.html

However, if I make a change to the MyApps.html file on the mid tier
server (but not the one in the .cab file) then the machines never see
the updated MyApps.html file

Is there some way I can use the original .cab file created by Novell and
do something to the MyApps.html file so that clients will view the one
on the web server instead of using the one bundled in the ActiveX control?