Not sure if this is the correct forum,but here I go. I have a problem on
some of Pc's created off a hardware specific image. Netware 6.0 Spk 5 on
server. Client 4.91 spk2. HP dc5000 pc.
The issue is that when I run zwsreg that I get a 404 error. I have tried
what I consider basic trouble shooting methods. Another set of eyes and
fingers to look at the problem,and running zwsreg
-unreg just to be sure this id is not hiding out in NDS somewhere. Checking
the registry keys to make sure the id parameters are clear. Finally checking
the Novell site to see if the error code
is lurking in a TID that Google did not return from my basic searches. Has
anyone seen this issue before?


Scott Mahanes

Sr. Network Engineer

Langley Federal Credit Union