Hi everyone,

i am up for a hint on my Zfd 6.5 SP2 Agents on Citrix. I have seen this
error with several of the first version of 4.0 ZfD Agents, but couldnt
fix it on 6.5 Agents.

Citrix on W2K SP4
ZfD 6.5 SP2
GPO with allow only executable files

Doubleclicking on an NAL application link to i.e. K:\Program
Files\SAP\SAP.exe will result in an error that the administrator has
limited the users rights and he is not allowed to execute SAP.exe. Which
is definatly an allowed .exe file.
Rightclick + Verify on the same Object on the desktop will start the
object correctly. There is nothing else configured on that Zfd object
beside the pointer to the .exe file. No registry, no ini... nothing.

The only difference is that it doesnt work for doubleclick but works with
rightclick + verify.

I have seen the same issues with i.e. 4.0 Agent Version .17 which was an
early release. They fixed it in .40 or something like that...