We are using NW 6.5 servers with XP SP2 workstations, NW 4.91SP1 client.
We get the "black screen of uncertainty" for 40+ seconds after clicking OK
on the NWGINA screen, prior to the XP desktop loading.
After exhausting all else, and having Novell not being able to recreate
(what else is new?), I find that the Container Package search policy shows
the following:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"ZEN Version"=dword:00000003
"ZEN Policy Time"=dword:43b1bcf7
"Policy DN"="Devtest Container Package:General:Search
"Associated DN"="DEVTEST.XXX.xxxx.xxx"
"Policy Version"=dword:00000003

The ZEN Version and Policy Version value should be 6, not 3. If I manually
change it to 6, on the next reboot, the "black screen" lasts about 5-8
seconds instead of 40+ seconds.

Anyone have a suggestion, reason, solution????


James MacDonald
Network Services
Victorian Workcover Authority
Melbourne, Aus.