NetWare 6.5 sp 4a
ZENworks 6.5 sp1
NDPS/iPrint 4.0.4

Have a zen iprint policy to install the iprint client (which works) and
two printers (which doesn't work, except as an administrator).
The iprint.ini is set with "AllowUserPrinters = 3" to allow printer
installs without special rights. The iPrint policy is scheduled to kick
off at user login with system impersonation.
The problem is that most users are only members of the USERS group on
the workstations, and we need to have printers push to them as well.

How can I fix this?

Next question: logged in as an admin, it doesn't attempt to install the
printers until I open the printers folder or start to print. It doesn't
do it at user login like it should. (or am I being too impatient only
waitint 2-3 minutes?)