I have workstations that had the workstation policy on Tuesday morning when they woke up (were working fine Tuesday and before), but by Thursday morning it is gone. What are some possible causes for this?

Sequence of events should be as follows:
6:00 am Tuesday - Wake up via WOL policy
6:15 am Tuesday - Do Inventory
7:00 pm Tuesday - Poweroff (Using Poweroff.exe) Scheduled action repeats ever 2 hours.
10:40 pm Wednesday - Wake up via ConsoleOne select wks and right click options. Most wks automatically shutdown because of Poweroff scheduled action. Those that didn't, appear to have not picked up the workstation policy package. Isn't that stored on the wks and the tree read for updates only? What would cause the wks to skip/ignore/not pick up/not execute the workstation policy package?

Thanks in advance

Novell NetWare 6.0 sp5
Server Side: ZFD 6.5 Sp2
Client Side ZFD Agent:
Novell Client:

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