HI There,

I am looking for suggestions as to how to set-up policies for the following situation.

I have 2 sites, 1 UK and one USA connected via VPN. Both have terminal/Citrix servers which need to be accessed by common users.
I have the DLU and Desktop preferences set so that a group of UK users (say 'citrix users') have their roaming profile stored on \\UKserver\Profiles\%USERNAME%

The USA Users have their profiles stored on \\USAserver\Profiles\%USERNAME%

I want USA and UK profiles to be 'different' for the same user login:-

Now, the problem is when USA user attempts to connect to UK server, it attempts to copy the profile over the VPN, which is slow. I want a way of telling the Management agent to store any users connecting from the USA to UK always to put the profile on the UK server. DItto if they connect to USA I want the profile roaming from the USA< obviously. Can anyone suggest a way of accomplishing this?

I am using ZFD 4.0.1 currently.