A new installation of Zenworks 6.5 running on a Windows 2003 server.
eDirectory, Middle tier, workstation import all up and running. Agents
deployed and workstation objects created successfully. So far, so good.

I cannot get Group Policies to be applied to the XP SP2 workstations. I
am deploying them through a workstation policy. The policy is associated
directly to the workstation object for testing purposes. Using
WSSCHED, I confirmed that the policy does appear at the target
workstation and the "run" time shows that it executed on startup.
However, the policy does not appear to be applied and when I look in
C:\windows\system32\grouppolicy, the folders that appear there do not
match the policy that resides on the 2003 server. No user policies have
been created at this point.

I believe I may have a rights issue. In a Netware environment, I would
use ConsoleOne to associate the workstation object with the file system
folder that holds the policy. How do I accomplish this in a Windows 2003
server environment, since no volume object appears in eDirectory to
perform this operation? I've tried tackling it from a MS standpoint and
granted file system rights using Windows Explorer to the Active
Directory workstation object, but I'm not convinced that this is effective.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?