If this message is posted in the wrong section or has been answered before,
please point me in the right direction, since I have looked all over the
place for an answer to this.

On a lot of freshly installed XP workstations, users log into Novell (and
Windows) without trouble. But after a few weeks or days (depending on how
frequent the WS is used), they report they get a windows login screen after
they type in their Novell login. They can't login (there is no
corresponding local login) and seemingly, so can no one else, except if
people logged into that machine before (and thus already have a local
login). This is odd since the DLU-policy should create local logins for
these users and 'skip' the windows login.

Why? And how do I prevent this from happening?

Background info:

We are running Zenworks 6.5 on Netware 6.5 servers. Our client computers
used to be windows 2000, but we have migrated those to Windows XP (SP2).
Locally installed is a Novell client 4.91 SP1. Also locally installed is
Zen 6.5 (I think).

A few large groups of users log in with policy packages associated to them
(or rather the container they are in). In these packages, the Windows XP
Dynamic Local User policy (DLU) is enabled. It manages the existing user
account and uses eDirectory credentials. The volatile user is not set, so
users are not removed after logout. The user are a member of the local
power users group.

An intrigueing bit of extra information, another group of users (students)
do NOT have this problem, despite that their workstations were re-installed
months earlier. The only significant difference is that they are members of
the 'Users' group instead of Power Users and the are volatile users (so
accounts should be removed after they log out). We had to set the volatile
users option off on the problem group because otherwise they couldn't log
in on their workstations at all after one person had logged on.

Or only solution at the moment is reinstall workstations if this problem

Thanks in advance,