I'm at my wits end here and I REALLY need some help.

School started for this year with a major problem. No students could log in.
Teachers and administrators are OK but all students get a second, windows
login request.

Testing has shown that DLU just isn't working for students. No local
accounts are being created for them.

A student (eg AnSmith) logs in and gets a second login prompt for another
user entirely (eg. ChJones). Administrators and teachers are fine though.
Zenworks creates an account for them on the fly and way they go.

It sounds like a simple association problem but the student user policy IS
associated with the students (OUs and a few test accounts explicitly) and is
setup in the same was as staff (enable DLU:ticked, Manage existing
user:ticked, Use Edir cred:ticked)

We're using NW 6sp5, ZFD6.5sp2 & nwclient 4.91sp2

No additional copies of zenpol32.dll exist on the HDD. c:\program
files\novell\zenworks is in the path. The registry is set to the correct
tree. tried zwsreg -unreg etc. No Go.

Any suggestions?