Hello all!

I am having a problem with receiving software distributions to my workstations. Here's the background:

We just installed & configured our first middle tier server on the network. It is v6.5 w/sp2 running on Windows 2003 with IIS 6.0. I installed the Novell Client v4.9sp2 on the server because of other threads that stated that you must have the Novell Client installed on the server if you want to distribute files that are located on Netware servers, which is indeed our setup.

The workstations are WinXP and only have the ZFD Agent installed, no Novell Client. We can authenticate just fine, workstation imports & inventory are successful, and remote control to the workstations work great.

The problem comes when we try and distribute applications to the workstations via the Application Launcher, Application Window, or IE browser plug-in. We receive the error:

"Could not configure workstation for application...id=1.
Problem: Unable to copy file \\server\vol\directory\filename...D018".

It does not matter if the app object is a snapshot push or pointing directly to an executable or MSI file. All of our pushes are configured for UNC. We do not map drives in the app object or refer to mapped drives in the object.

My understanding was that with the ZFD Agent and the Middle Tier server, and the Novell Client installed on the MT server, then we would be able to distribute software to the workstations. We can't and I can't figure out why.

We have no problems at all distributing the same apps/pushes to workstations that have the Novell Client and login to eDirectory and not the Middle Tier.

So, any clues what I can look for or do you know the answer? I have already been over the knowledgebase and forums and can't find anything yet.