My apologize for the blank post.

Netware 6.5sp4 Zen6.5 Clients are Win98se

Any suggestions on the following?

Windows 98 workstations import to our workstation OU just great. Once
there everything works, and the object is valid. Inside our workstation
OU we have several OU's one for each of our buildings. We then move the
workstation objects into the OU represnting the building where the
workstation is physically located. This operation normally makes the
object invalid until you reboot. After rebooting the 98 workstations the
objects are still invlaid, if I manually run zwsreg it returns
successfully updated with the correct distinguished name of the object,
but the object is still invalid.

In addition is there anyway to control which OU a workstation imports too
by the workstation name? For example say we have a building named Smith,
so inside the worksation OU we have an OU named Smith. When naming the
workstations in building Smith we start with the initials SM (ie. SM-
OFFICE). So if I could configure import to import to an OU based on say
the first two characters of the workstation name that would be great.
I've read information on importing according to user info, but I don't
see how I could apply that here as no one user logs into just one