ZFD 6.5.2/NW6.5sp3. All clients are MS Domain with ZFD 6.5.2 clients, no
Client32. Tree is healthy, confirmed by the NDS guys. 1 Master, 2 R/W's, 1
R-O replicas. All connectivity is on a fast LAN, no remote sites.

ZFD import server (a non-replica holder) imports fine, but objects take
anywhere from 1/2 hour to 1 hour to show up in Console1. I tried the
"-forcemaster" switch at the command line with some success, but it's
sporadic at best.

Likewise, adding a WS to a WS group shows up on C1, but when refreshing the
policy at the desktop, the assigned apps take just as long to show up.

At the mid-tier server/ZFD import server (the same server, a non replica
holding server), I set "NDS bootstrap addres =" to force it to
talk to the Master replica, rebooted server. No luck.

<scratching head...>
Any clues?