I work as a computer technician at a school. We want to run zwsimport as a part of our login script to import workstations for future management and imaging. We run only Windows XP sp2, ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Agent with sp2. The users are not local administrators on the workstation but only "users" with standard Windows XP rights and permissions.

When the login script executes the user gets the following message: "the workstation registration process has aborted because the user does not sufficient rights to the registry. Contact your administrator."

I have search the forums at Novell and found that this was a problem on Windows 98 computers and that the problem would be fixed with ZENworks 6.5 SP2. Since we don't run only Windows XP this doesn't sound like the solution to me. And if the cause is the same on XP I would really appreciate some help. I don't want to manually import 250+ computers spread over 5 different schools. Anyone have a better idea of how to solve this?