I have upgraded our edir8.7.3 with zenworks 7 schema and licensing from
zenworks 4, everything seems smooth right now, thank you novell!!!

I use mainly the Application Objects, User and Workstation Packages, which I
believe runs without any server components.

Q1.Does the Application Objects and User and Workstation Packages require
only Schema/Object's and the workstation management agent to read those
settings and no server components?

The only zenworks server component piece I use is workstation import and
workstation removal. The server that runs this currently is still running
netware 5.1 and I cannot upgrade this server yet to netware 6.5 due to other
apps conflicts. Since, zenworks 7 import/removal components require nw6.5, I
am currently still running the zenworks 4 workstation import/removal
components. I was able to unreg an zfd7 mgmt agent workstation & a zfd4 mgmt
agent workstation and they both registered successfully using the zenworks 4
import server.

Q2. If I function with the setup described below, is that going to corrupt
the directory, should I strongly look into finding another temporary nw6.5
server to do importing or was it supposed to work like described above?

Thank you so very much for your assistance with the questions above, Have a
great day.